Who is The King’s Daughter?


The women ministry at the RCCG – The Everlasting King Parish (TEKP) is called the King’s Daughters.We are the daughters of the Most High God and King at different times of life, but loved by the King equally. This means that among us are women that are married, single, widowed, separated or single mothers.One thing binds us together and that is, we love the Lord with a passion and express that love in our relationship with each other and those around us.

Below is a “portrait” of who we are as described in Psalm 45: Portrait of the King’s Daughter

  • Daughter of God
  • Daughter of the King
  • Wife of the King
  • Royalty – Regal and Royal
  • Adorns her home and husband’s life
  • Hearken (we are good listeners & pay attention)
  • Consider (we ponder and think things through)
  • Incline (we are not rigid, but bend over, down, towards – we don’t always insist on our right)
  • Forget (we forget our pedigree – family, status, ministry, help meet, etc)
  • Become the queen – after a life of waiting on the Lord
  • Beautiful
  • External appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Inside/Outside her house
  • Obedient
  • The King of kings is our Lord
  • We worship and revere God – and transfer the respect to husbands too
  • Dressed in Gold – whether married, single or separated
  • Attracts attention because of outward “beauty”
  • “Wears” the qualities of Gold
  • Desired and desirable
  • Qualities of Gold
  • Strong metal
  • Not easily destroyed
  • More fire (trials and tribulation), more beauty
  • Ever appreciates never depreciates
  • Valuable
  • Wrought Gold (worked, ornamental, not plain but moulded by experience)
  • Permanent state of preparedness – we are never taken unawares
  • We have a mind for ministry – mindful of her maidens
  • Mindful of the church of GOD, Lost souls;
  • The King (and our husbands) find delight in us because (Prov. 31; Esther)